Is Egypt safe for tourists? (7th April 2011)

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This first report (below) was posted on BBC news on 7th April 2011…and it speaks very favourably of Egypt. Both Hilary Clinton and David Cameron have visited Cairo and Tahrir Square (but don’t let that put you off!).

I shall be going again as soon as possible. The Egyptian people are very happy and they are eager to share their ‘new’ country with you. The Revolution was a great turning point – Egypt was NOT at war, and the situation in Egypt is not like the other countries of the Middle East. The Egyptians will be voting in their new parliament in September and a new president in November. 🙂

During the revolution, there were many courageous souls who elected to stand strong on the front-line at Tahrir Square, and in other cities, and some gave up their lives for what they believed in. The thing is, these people chose to bring change to their country and success came to them.

For all other Egyptian citizens life went on as normally as possible. The demonstrations were held in specific places.

For visitors to Egypt, who on the whole are there for their own purposes, these ‘hot-spots’ can easily be avoided. Away from the action, Egypt is quiet and safe. As long as visitors comply with the law of the country, there is no reason why anyone should become involved.

It is commonly believed that we attract to us only what is predominant in our thoughts and actions. If you have a peaceful nature, your journey will be peaceful. If you are looking for trouble – you will find it!

I know that Egypt is a very special place – its ancient history is full of mysteries – and at this time there are many people who feel a connection to the deep spiritual nature of Egypt. Many spiritual people are ‘Light Workers’ and go to sacred sites to connect to the global energy field, or to heal a past life in themselves, or to channel light into the dark corners.

This is the aim of Mody and myself, and why we wish to help all those people who have a desire to go but may be anxious and need a helping hand and a good guide.

A Warm Welcome in Egypt

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