Egypt in April (Easter 2011)

TOP TIP! At the moment, the exchange rate is 9.75 Egyptian Pounds to £1 GB (very much to the advantage of the British tourist)

With the Royal Wedding and extra days being added to our Easter Holidays, there is no time like now to venture forth again to those exotic places.

Egypt has recovered quickly from its Revolution uncertainties and all the holiday centres are safe and open for business.

Easter is a fabulous time to go as Spring in Egypt is beautiful, free of the desert dust and heat of the hotter months. The Nile is full of nesting birds, the papyrus reeds and Nile lilies are flowering and even the palm trees are sending out bright new green fronds. The weather is better than any English summer with consistent sunny days in the upper 20’s. Fresh fruit and vegetables are coming into the markets from the farms – succulents strawberries, sweet juicy oranges, huge bunches of little golden bananas, much arriving by donkey cart, and fresh fish and every vegetable you can think of.

In Cairo there are amazing tiny take-aways, where you can buy a glass of freshly squeezed orange, lime, sugar-cane, mango, mixed with yoghurt, chopped bananas and even ice-cream – sooooo delicious, and too cheap at only 50p (GB). There are ‘home-made-style’ pastries and sweet bread, creamy yogurts, coconut cream and jellies and right next door you can buy fresh crispy deep-fried shrimp (prawns) and flat-bread parcels – take-away food at its best.

All the travel agencies are offering fantastic deals at the moment, and the exchange rate is in favour of GB pounds – so now is a really good time to go.

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