News 25 May ’11: Egyptian Pyramids Found by Satellite

Amazing! How new technology from a satellite orbiting the Earth has revealed lost ancient sites in Egypt – pyramids, towns, houses, roads and tombs – from ‘low’ infra-red imaging. Perhaps now they can prove what is, or is not, under the Sphinx! (I wonder what else they are looking for!)

Clips from the program ‘Egypt’s Lost Cities‘ that was on BBC 1 on the 30th May 2011.

UPDATE: I watched the hour-and-half long program and was left disappointed from its slow progress and long unproductive chatter. The sensational pictures, which are very fascinating and revealing, seemed to expose hundreds of new archaeological sites hidden under the surface. When they got to the Delta region and found crystals in the core samples, it confirmed the site to be an old city of importance. The instigator of the research, Dr Sarah Parcak, from Birmingham University, Alabama, was dedicated and passionate, but the two journalists, I feel, added little to the content except a bit of sensational treasure-hunting. Zawi Hawass, Minister of State for Antiquities, offered his usual appearance and input, and even directed some new excavations to try to discover a possible buried pyramid at Saqqara.

One rediscovered city, 200km south of Cairo (more from Live Science)

My biggest disappointment though was the lack of any mention of Giza, or any attempt to discover the long-awaited evidence of underground temples or tombs, predicted to be under the Sphinx. It does not mean, however, that new information has not been discovered from the Giza Plateau using this technique – it just was not in this program.

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