Logo Voting

The picture above is a composite of logos invented to help Egyptians vote! (more here)

For the first time for many years, Egypt has a huge choice of candidates for their new government and to assist those who may have trouble either with reading or identifying the candidate of their choice, they now have a simple logo to look for.

It is a brilliant idea, but when one thinks about the millions spent by the huge corporates on designing just the right logo, the subtle use of symbolism, colour, design and numerology, it is a wonder how these simple pictures will affect each candidate. For example, the one depicting a golden pyramid will have obvious appeal to an Egyptian – but what about the old cannon? Would the old cannon suggest that that candidate advocates a return to the old-style military dictatorship?

Wishing New Egypt all the very best for their first attempt at democratic rule since the fall of Mubarak.

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