The Library of Alexandria

Much mystery surrounds the great library that was established in Alexandria. We do know that it existed and was an important centre of learning and we know that it was destroyed. There are some who suspect that many ancient documents were stolen away by the Roman Empire and may still be hidden in the library of the Vatican, but what is certain is that its decline and fatal destruction came about with the rise of the new Christian Church of Rome and finally with Islam’s invasion of Egypt. Today, there is a wonderful modern library in Alexandria designed to be more than just a library, also a contemporary monument and a work of art.

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2 Responses to The Library of Alexandria

  1. cav12 says:

    I think the legend of the library will live on, but what saddens me is the loss of all that knowledge. No wonder the dark ages followed!

    • Avia says:

      Oh, I agree. And it is not the only archive of texts that has been destroyed wholesale – so many have disappeared through warfare, carelessness, jealousy, deliberately, or stolen to keep it from public knowledge. But it is returning in our consciousness now – knowledge is Light and this is the age of enlightenment! Let’s hope more and more gets rediscovered.
      Thanks for visiting

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