The (Electric) Power of Ancient Egypt

Giza GreatPyramids

Pyramid Power

Thanks to many independent researchers, it is now thought that the Egyptians of the old civilisation used electricity. The Great Pyramid, and possible all the large pyramids around the rest of Egypt…and the World… may have been used as power stations, not tombs.

This electricity was not produced by burning fossil fuels, like we do today, but from an understanding of how to use natural materials to produce FREE ENERGY. It has been known for thousands of years, but kept secret, that there was a special crystal housed in the Great Pyramid, and this crystal was a generating power source. Together with the design of the pyramid, the stone used, and the water below the pyramid in aquifers, electricity gave Egypt its benefits of lighting, technology and energised water to produce healthy and abundant food. There may have been many other benefits from the power systems yet to be fully understood.

The so-called ‘sarcophagus’ in the so-called ‘King’s Chamber’ in the Great Pyramid was not for a body to lie in but to house the Arc of the Covenant! When Moses fled Egypt with the Hebrews (Israelites), He took the Crystal and secret documants with him. If we now read the story of the Exodus in the Old Testament of the Bible, we can understand all the strange manifestations that took place. After this Crystal was stolen, Egypt fell into decline and the seat of power moved into the Middle East.

But how did the Egyptians learn about this Crystal? It is now believed that the Crystal arrived in Egypt with the survivors of Atlantis. And where did the Atlanteans learn about Crystal Technology, Pyramid Power and Free Energy? – not from the monkeys in the forest, that’s for sure!

Lost knowledge of our true history is returning to us after many thousands of years. We have been a people lost like children in the dark trying to find our way, but I believe we have to accept that there was some higher purpose in this. Now, we can learn quickly with these memories and knowledge returning. It is time to utilise this technology again – with care, caution and wisdom, to help return our Home Planet – Mother Earth – to a state of health and happiness.

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