Egyptian Obelisks Abroad


The Cleopatra Obelisk from Alexandria

“Cleopatra’s Needle” (Obelisk) was sent from Alexandria to England in 1860. Huge cylindrical steel casing, in which it was transported to England, was close to the shore with the two paddle tugs that were waiting to take it in tow. It was, subsequently, lost in transit during a heavy storm in the Bay of Biscay, off the west coast of France, but eventually it was retrieved again by an English fishing ship and finally brought to London and into the River Thames. It still stands between two magnificent sphinxes on Victoria Embankment, overlooking the River Thames, in London.

Cleopatra, with the obelisk, at Westminster Bridge.jpg

The obelisk arriving at London in 1960

cylinder ship “Cleopatra” around the Egyptian obelisk

Cylinder ship built around the obelisk “Cleopatra’s Needle”

Oil painting, 'The Cleopatra Cylinder Vessel', Edward William Cooke, 1878.

Oil painting, ‘The Cleopatra Cylinder Vessel’, Edward William Cooke, 1878.


The obelisk today standing between two guardian sphinxes on the Victoria Embankment in London

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